7 Simple Steps to Make Solar Panels

It’s not that tough to make solar panels at home but it’s not something you can do in 10 minutes either. It’s not like you need to know quantum physics or anything like that. Making your own solar panels really isn’t as complicated as you might think. Homemade...
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What To Do in the Bahamas?

What to do in the Bahamas? How about the thrill of hooking into a monster Wahoo, swimming with wild dolphins or maybe diving in the gin clear water watching the colorful reef fish? There are a boatload of fun things to do in the Bahamas, so read on...
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What You Didn’t Know About Benjamin Franklin?

An Incredible Founding Father: Most people are familiar with Benjamin Franklin. After all, he is on the desirable $100 bill. Although we are familiar with the name, many of us don’t know much about this founding father. He did a lot to make this country the way that...
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